Establishment of Self-Help Groups (SHG)

A self-help group (SHG) is a village-based financial intermediary committee usually composed of 10–20 local women or men. A mixed group is generally not preferred. Most self-help groups are located in India, though SHGs can be found in other countries, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Members make small regular savings contributions over a few months until there is enough capital in the group to begin lending. Funds may then be lent back to the members or to others in the village for any purpose. In India, many SHGs are ‘linked’ to banks for the delivery of micro-credit.

The organisation conducted nine days program named “Establishment of Self-Help Group (SHG)” at panchayat committee Bhoom from 14/11/2005 to 22/11/2005 and established many self-help groups for people in rural area who are bellow poverty line.

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