Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM), Mumbai

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) is the State Women’s Dvelopment Corporation of Government of Maharashtra, established on the 24th February,1975 on the occasion of Inernational Women’s year. MAVIM has been declared as a Nodal agency by Government of Maharashtra on 20th January 2003 to implement various women empowement program through Self Help Groups (SHGs).

Mission of MAVIM 
The mission of the corporation is “To bring about gender justice and equality for women, investing in human capital and the capacity building of women, thus making them economically and socially empowered and enabling them to access sustainable livelihoods.”

To establish social, economic and political justice for women thought for Sustainable Development.


  • To organize women through Self Help Group
  • To build the overall capacities of women
  • To enhance self confidence amongst women
  • Entrepreneurial development of women
  • To synchronize employment opportunities & market linkages
  • To promote women’s initiative for equal opportunities, prosperrity & participation in governance.
  • To build grassroots institutions over SHGs as a way forward to sustainable development.

Projects covered under VWDA

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